As a bridal fashion designer, I love to witness personalized designs like Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress. The actual wedding gown was a simple a-line silhouette with pleated bodice and straps. However, the veil made the dress worthwhile because her children’s drawings were printed on it. I read on InStyle website that Jolie wanted her children to participate in the wedding so she used their art-work on her veil. The gesture says so much about how much she values her family. Celebrity wed

I admire Jolie for being bold enough to use a child’s drawing on her most sacred attire. Most brides might shy away from using their children’s creativity during the wedding preparation because it seems too risky. However, brides-to-be who have children should take their cue from Jolie and allow them to make a creative contribution. The personalized touches are what makes the dress and ceremony unique. Jolie’s dress could have easily become another pretty white dress, but she took her dress and made it a one-of-a-kind.