As an emerging bridal designer, I look forward to the changing season because I take my cue from mother nature. Just as the leaves turn color and wither, the desire for vintage or rustic taste settles. I have received request from brides-to-be for lace wedding dresses with a pop of royal color. On the other hand, some women want to dye the lace to match a particular tone like burnt orange. The quality of lace is essential to the design and longevity of the dress. Some of the best stores to purchase fine lace are: Sposabella Lace, C&J Textile, B&J Fabrics and Diana Fabrics. There are many fabric stores in the fashion district to choose from, but my favorite are the ones listed above.

Blue Lace

Another pattern I’ve noticed in fashion is celebrity inspired bridal gowns. I receive numerous inquiries about custom designing red carpet dresses worn by celebrities like Camila Alves, Jennifer Lopez, and others. Celebrity inspired dresses allow women to have the best of both traditional and non-traditional worlds. Women can look glamorous, sophisticated and desirable while wearing a white bridal gown. In some cases, brides-to-be prefer to wear a different color palette completely outside the norm. I make dresses that look like evening wear gowns rather than bridal attire. I believe women today want to express their individuality while being versatile. These celebrity looks can be worn to different venues aside from the wedding ceremony.

Image 4

I enjoy working with women who are bold, creative and deliberate. It makes my job more interesting. If you are one of those women who is unafraid to push the boundaries of tradition and still look fabulous, send me a note. Also, contact me regarding lace, dyeing fabrics, celebrity inspired gowns, bridal or any questions you have about custom clothing.